AXXOS awarded the title “Super Company” 2017

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For the second consecutive year, AXXOS Industrial Systems has been awarded the title “Superföretag”. A title granted to high-performance private business companies in Sweden by the leading business magazine Veckans Affärer and the business data analyst Bisnode.

“It’s fun to know that we are successful in meeting our goal of long-term stable growth. We are in a very exciting position where our solutions are demanded from all over the world.”

“The reasons why we received the award was that we have very ambitious and brilliant employees, and talented customers who help us develop world-class products,” says Claes Gunnarsson, Managing Director, AXXOS.

Only a small fraction (0.1 %) of Swedish companies meet the requirements for becoming a “Superföretag”. The companies need to increase both revenue and profit while the company demonstrate stable long-term business development. The company must meet this criteria at least four years in a row to appear on the list.

“We want to pay tribute to the Swedish heroes who create jobs and increase the long-term business value proposition. Being able to recognize and highlight trends and statistics benefit the individual, the company, as well as the those in charge of development within our society to more clearly direct and see the results of their efforts”, says Pia Törnqvist at Bisnode

About “Super Company” 2017

In order to become a “Superföretag”, it’s not enough to excel within one area. The company must master all elements of being a multiplayer. Common traits of a “Superföretag” are long-term sales growth and continuous profitability, strategically skilled in getting financing and at the same time effectively manage their resources.

Bisnode identifies and ranks Sweden’s “Superföretag” based on the companies financial performance. The model takes into account and measures the companies growth, profit, return, efficiency, capital structure and funding over the past four years.