AXXOS installs AXXOS OEE at Bufab Lann

AXXOS Industrial Systems installed and deployed AXXOS OEE on 20 production machines at Bufab Lann in Värnamo.

Bufab will also use AXXOS OEE Mobile, which provides managers and operators an opportunity to follow the production status and report the causes of unplanned stops directly from where they are located.

“During the startup of the system, we will coach Bufab on AXXOS OEE while they monitor their improvement process,” says Henrik Renström, Sales Manager AXXOS Industrial Systems.

AXXOS Industrial Systems will also deliver an integration between AXXOS OEE and Bufab’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

“It is vital to integrate the production monitoring system with our ERP-system. The great advantage of using AXXOS Industrial Systems as our supplier is that they have a lot of experience with this type of integration,”
says Tobias Svensson, Production Manager, Bufab Lann AB.

AXXOS Industrial Systems sees a growing need for production monitoring within the manufacturing industry. In the global competition that many companies face today, it becomes increasingly important to produce more efficiently.

“Keeping track of the fleet of machines and eliminating losses is an important part of making work more efficient. With AXXOS OEE we are enabling Bufab Lann with their improvement process to create the conditions for effective improvement,” continues Henrik Renström.

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AXXOS has supplied systems for production monitoring, AXXOS OEE for almost 20 years. We help our, over 300 customers in 20 countries, improve their production by combining our experience in OEE systems, LEAN training and improvement coaching.


AXXOS OEE measures important KPI’s like the OEE value, set-up times, cycle times etc. AXXOS Visualize makes it easy to show the current production situation in real time. With the help of AXXOS Analyze it is quick and easy to analyze collected data to see the potential for improvement in operations.