AXXOS OEE Mobile Puts the Factory at Your Fingertips

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Get a Complete Overview of Production

AXXOS OEE Mobile makes it easier for you to have complete oversight on your production. You get easy access to the current production status and rapid reporting of disruptions via mobile phones and tablets. The information can be made immediately available to your coworkers – where and when they need it.

Your managers can easily access information on the production status regardless of whether they are on- or off-site. Your operators and production managers always have the ability to monitor the production status for their machines. They can report stop-causes for disruptions directly from where they are located. They can even take a picture documenting the stop-cause and attach it to a report with just one click.-

– It has never been easier to have complete oversight of the current production status and, at the same time, be able to quickly enter the stop-cause and develop activities towards improvement, says Johan Andersson, Product Owner AXXOS OEE.

Free up Your Resources

Notifications (alarms) sent directly to your pocket frees up resources in production. Your operators can focus on what they are doing at the moment and can still always respond quickly when necessary. It provides opportunities to focus more on value-generating improvement activities.

– Our customers will save time and money on expensive, bulky hardware at production sites. With AXXOS OEE Mobile they can work quickly and easily with modern mobile devices, continues Johan Andersson.

Simplify Operator Maintenance

Eliminate hard-to-find binder solutions and instruction manuals for your machines. With AXXOS OEE Mobile Operator Maintenance, operators can keep track of upcoming maintenance work and checklists directly on their mobile devices.-

– With AXXOS OEE Mobile, operators always have the information they need to perform maintenance tasks and report the work performed on-site at the machine, says Johan Andersson.

AXXOS OEE Mobile is available for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.