Mission and Core Values

AXXOS’ mission is to develop and deliver AXXOS OEE, a complete and standardized system for production monitoring in manufacturing industries.

AXXOS OEE shall be at the absolute forefront of development and be our customers’ main tool for production efficiency, by visualizing evidence-based decision support for improvement in a user-friendly way.

Our values


We work closely with our customers. AXXOS shall be a partner in the customer’s improvement efforts by offering developmental meetings, coaching, organizational development, training and good support. Our customers have the opportunity to influence the development plan based on future needs and we will be responsive to the interests of customers. We deliver proven systems with fast-paced development that is adaptable to the customer.


AXXOS stand for quality. We are innovative, flexible and work for continuous improvement in operations. Our products shall be at the absolute forefront when it comes to development and quality. Our employees are committed and involved in the business and contribute to its growing success. AXXOS seek world class in everything we do, which is an ambition that pervades the entire business.


Our customers shall feel secure when they use AXXOS. We will always act with good business ethics, skills and professionalism. We use an honest and trustful dialog to create and maintain good long-term relationships with our customers and suppliers. We have a good plan right from the start that eliminates risks and meets committed deadlines. Good communication, good atmosphere and respect for the individual shall prevail in AXXOS. Through an honest and trustful communication with our customers and suppliers, we create and maintain long-term good relations.