Improving efficiency

Below we present some references showing successful production improvements  working with AXXOS OEE.


SNA creates competitive manufacturing with AXXOS OEE

Despite the challenges in terms of production downtime and upstart disturbances, productivity increased by 14% from 2013 to 2017.

Semper increased the efficiency of the packaging lines

AXXOS partnership with Danish API is a very positive and important step towards the Industry 4.0 vision.

Gnotec Habo increase efficiency with AXXOS OEE

The goal has been to be able to work more with improvements and reduce losses. In particular, we use AXXOS systems to hunt downtimes and thereby achieve as much value creating time as possible in our production.

Petrolia improve the production with AXXOS OEE

AXXOS OEE is a very important part of our work with implementing Lean in the company. We get so much information from the system.
With AXXOS OEE, we have developed a culture that highlights deviations instead of hiding them.

GKN Driveline increased productivity by 35%

Productivity per employee has increased by about 35% in just two years. AXXOS is an important factor in the improvement process along with improvements in production management and changes in the organization and working methods.

Cloetta halves their costs with AXXOS OEE

During the 13 years I’ve worked here, we have halved the cost of production. In addition we implement an average of 2400 improvements per year, equivalent to almost 13 actions per employee.

NORMA Sweden’s quest for a more efficient production

AXXOS OEE felt like a system with great value from a reliable supplier, and the one with the most experience and the most customers in downtime monitoring. AXXOS therefore became the obvious choice.

SwePart Transmission increased production time by 50%

When the system was put into operation, I was surprised at the operators’ positive engagement – both in AXXOS OEE and in the improvement process in general, says the production manager at SwePart.

Seco Tools reduced their downtime by up to 55%

Just by installing AXXOS OEE, we increased production by 10%. Our operators began to focus more on their machines and wanted to know the reason why they sometimes were down.

Attends in Aneby waste no production time

The best part of the system is that you can twist, turn and analyze information in minute detail. The system is also very easy and even fun to use.

Electrolux has gained 320 hours of production time per year

 Due to our improvement work we have been able increase our effective production time drastically. In fact, we have been able to increase the time that the machines run with a total of 7.3 percentage points.

Marbodal reduced their downtimes by 53%

In one of our NC machines, we had problems with low availability. Thanks to the reports of stop causes we got from AXXOS OEE we could chart our losses, and it turned out our setup times were very long.

Siljan Timber produces as never before

The interface for operators in AXXOS OEE is not only easy – it’s incredibly easy. I have yet to come across anyone who feels it to be difficult or complicated.

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