02 Feb 2018
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API PRO certified for SAP Integration

We are excited to announce that API-AXXOS Enterprise Asset Management solution API PRO has been awarded with a SAP integration certification as a result of API PRO’s seamless integration with SAP ERP.

Meeting the business and IT needs of the vast community of SAP customers is a top priority for us as a solutions provider. The advanced and flexible interfacing tools in API PRO enables us and our customers to build their own interfaces to ERP systems.

“API PRO comes with the advantage of a pre-tested and high quality integration solution, including reliable interfaces to SAP. The integration combines the asset and financial data functionality of SAP ERP and SAP MM with the maintenance information management capabilities of API PRO.” Says Michael Stoltenborg, VP Product Management.

We leave it to our customers to decide which business processes of their maintenance management should be handled by API PRO and which should be handled by their ERP system. The business processes to consider here are primarily: material planning, stock control, purchase management, handling of invoices, and cost information. Our toolbox contains the components necessary to build interfaces for sharing business processes between API PRO and any ERP system.

The standard ERP integration in API PRO brings a close to real-time information exchange in different areas, such as purchase, delivery status and inventory management. API PRO fully supports customer-specific requirements with customized action flows and different data ownerships between ERP and API PRO.

With a seamless automatic data integration between API PRO and ERP the end users can work more efficiently and avoid double entry of data into multiple IT systems.

We have more than 25 year of experience helping customers with SAP integration projects as well as integration to ERP systems from other vendors.

04 Oct 2017
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SNA Europe received AXXOS Productivity Award 2017

During AXXOS User Days 2017, SNA Europe (Industries), Bollnäs received the award for the best productivity improvement of the year.

Reason for award

SNA Europe has been working systematically for six years to create a long-term competitive manufacturing of hand saws and garden saws. A brand new and improved product range has been introduced to reduce production costs. This has led to major layout changes in the factory, which in turn has led to new process flows. During the process, data from AXXOS OEE was used as a basis for layout changes, process flow changes, and major machine investments.

Through careful follow-up of production before, during and after implemented change projects, SNA Europe has demonstrated the value of having access to the right information in decision making and implementation of major investments, and, not least, demonstrated the importance of being able to follow-up and ensure that the results correspond to expectations.

Thanks to continuous follow-up with AXXOS OEE and a well-functioning improvement strategy, SNA Europe succeeded in maintaining steady productivity despite major rebuilding projects.

“We have initiated a comprehensive improvement strategy. AXXOS OEE is a big part of the reason it has been so successful”, says Annelie Laitila, Production Manager, SNA Europe.

Throughout the project, SNA Europe has measured OEE in the factory lines and carefully followed up its key machines. The focus has been on addressing the largest disturbances and continually improving and optimizing the work flows.

“A task that had been very difficult without follow-up with AXXOS OEE”, says Stefan Halvarsson, Project Manager, SNA Europe, and continues “Thanks to AXXOS OEE, we have always had the facts to base our decisions on.”

About SNA Europe

SNA Europe (Industries) AB is a leading European hand tools manufacturer in the Snap-on Group, a global tool and equipment supplier. SNA Europe (Industries) AB, Bollnäs manufactures more than 4 million hand saws marketed under the brand Bacho.

AXXOS has delivered AXXOS OEE, a system for production monitoring, for almost 20 years. We help our customers to streamline their production by packing our experience in OEE systems, LEAN training and coaching in improvement work. AXXOS is part of API-AXXOS, that supplies software for reliable and efficient production to 900 customers in 50 countries.

AXXOS OEE measures key figures, such as OEE value, set-up times and cycle times. AXXOS Visualize makes it easy to present the current production mode in real-time. Using AXXOS Analyze, is quick and easy to analyze collected information to see the improvement potential of the business.

Meet AXXOS OEE and API PRO at hi TECH & INDUSTRY EXPO Scandinavia, Oct 3-5

AXXOS OEE keeps the finger on the pulse of your production. A combination of monitoring, analysis and visualization sets the focus on efficiency and lays a solid foundation for improvements.

API PRO is the flexible EAM solution that will help you to improve efficiency in the production and in the maintenance process.

Combining AXXOS OEE and API PRO will give you the possibility of predictive maintenance based on true production status, efficient error report to work order process, efficient solutions for operator maintenance and more.

Come to Hi17 in Herning and find out how we can help you improve your production and be prepared for the future.


hi sets the frame for knowledge sharing, inspiration, business and network for everyone working within or related to the industry. This year the fair has a focus on the industry trends such as Industry 4.0, IoT, The Digital Factory, Manufacturing Intelligence, and Big Data.

It is free to visit the fair but you need to register online beforehand.

IoT and Industry 4.0

The Smart Factory is within reach thanks to AXXOS OEE. Straight forward and cost-effective connection of machinery to local or global networks builds the backbone of IIoT, Industrial Internet of Things. AXXOS OEE also gives you the tools to make manufacturing information available where it’s needed to facilitate efficient production and a successful improvement process. Show data in real-time on TV Screens, push out reports and interact wherever you are with mobile devices.

AXXOS OEE integrates smoothly with ERP-, MES- and EAM- systems, eliminating multiple data entry. By connecting real-time accurate production data to planning, execution and finance AXXOS OEE becomes a cornerstone in your advancement towards the vision of the Smart Factory, Industry 4.0 and Machine Learning.

Record order for AXXOS – Volvo Cars installs AXXOS OEE in new XC90 factory

AXXOS Industrial Systems signed an agreement with Volvo Cars (Volvo) for the implementation of the production monitoring system AXXOS OEE, in Volvo’s new production facility located in Torslanda, Sweden. The agreement includes networked production monitoring with about 400 production units and is AXXOS single largest order to date.

Volvo selected AXXOS OEE after careful evaluation of seven competing systems and after a successful pilot installation within a focused area of the factory.

”Compared to the other systems we reviewed, AXXOS OEE offers a more complete solution for our requirements of built-in functionality that gives us “best practice”. We want to spend our time on improvements within our production, not specifying and developing IT solutions”, says Agron Basha, Business Project Leader, VOLVO CAR CORPORATION.

”AXXOS OEE will show us in black and white where we have problems and identify what they are, this in turn will help us set priorities. We will be able to collect data to facilitate decision making on which direction to work towards and where we get the most out of our investment”, continues Agron Basha.

The top modern factory in Torslanda manufactures the new XC90 model.

“The new XC90 is a market success and Volvo is using almost all available time to manufacture cars. AXXOS OEE will become an important tool in Volvo’s improvement strategy and will be able to identify, and map bottlenecks early”, says Johan Junvik, Key Account Manager, AXXOS Industrial Systems.

The agreement includes AXXOS OEE and AXXOS Analyze that makes it quick and easy to analyze collected information in order to identify improvement potentials within the organization. AXXOS OEE Mobile allow Volvo’s employees access to the production monitoring system directly on their mobile phones or tablets.

Pilot Installation


The evaluation of the pilot installation, within a focused area of the factory, gave the results Volvo had hoped for. The roll-out of the system to additional production units has begun. Below you will see a selection of the comments received through an evaluation conducted after the pilot installation.

  • User-friendly
  • Great flexibility, easy to customize.
  • Good support to make root cause analysis
  • Gives a good overview of what is happening in the factory
  • A complete and well-developed system
  • In AXXOS OEE you can easily determine if an operator/station is on track.
  • You can see the OEE value in real time.

Furthermore, AXXOS is well-versed in how to implement continuous improvement strategies. On top of that AXXOS provides good customer interaction through the User Days and Advisory Board events.

Click here to read more about Volvo Cars

Contact AXXOS Industrial Systems AB
Mats Elmwall, Marketing Director
+46 36 33 20 641 +46 36 33 20 641

About AXXOS Industrial Systems
AXXOS  has delivered systems for production monitoring, AXXOS OEE for almost 20 years. We help our customers streamline their production by packaging our experience in OEE-systems, LEAN-training and coaching in improvement. AXXOS is part of API Group, supplying software for reliable and efficient production to 900 customers in 50 countries.

AXXOS OEE measures important KPI’s like the OEE value, set-up times, cycle times etc. AXXOS Visualize makes it easy to show the current production situation in real time. With the help of AXXOS Analyze it is quick and easy to analyze collected data to see the potential for improvement in operations. AXXOS is part of API Group.

05 Aug 2015
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Mastec Group invests in AXXOS OEE for several plants

Mastec has chosen to invest in AXXOS OEE to obtain good decision support for improvements and to increase the efficiency of their production.

The deal is a framework agreement covering the whole Mastec group with units in Sweden and China.

The system is currently deployed at three factories in southern Sweden and additional installations are planned. Through a central installation of AXXOS, the production status and machine utilization in the factories can be monitored in real time at a global level.

– Mastec has chosen to install AXXOS on a joint database to reach an overall solution that facilitates the integration and reduces implementation time when installing AXXOS at other plants. Thereby making the solution cost effective both from an IT- and a deployment perspective, says Jonas Johansson CIO Mastec AB.

I came to Mastec Components in Ulricehamn in the autumn of 2013. At that time it was difficult to obtain relevant indicators on how well we used our machine park. We decided that we had to start measuring to find out how we used our resources, says Lars-Erik Larsson, Site Manager, Mastec Components Ulricehamn.

Mastec decided first to install AXXOS OEE at the plant in Ulricehamn. Group management quickly saw positive results and the potential of investing in standardized production monitoring. Therefore a decision was quickly taken to introduce the system throughout the Group.

– We want our customers to win their race against their competitors so we have to be able to contribute something that enables this. Therefore, we always strive to become a little better – simply the best! AXXOS OEE is an important tool for us in our improvement work, says Per Selskog, Chief Marketing Officer, Mastec AB.

– We run this project with care and started early to involve the staff. Our organization is allowed to mature as we measure more and more of our production. We emphasize that we are measuring machines and not people.It has led to a good acceptance of the system among our employees, continues Lars-Erik Larsson.

With the help of AXXOS OEE Mastec now has a clear view of how well they are using their machines. Information that already a short time after the installation has led to improvements.

– With AXXOS OEE we also have a completely different focus on operator maintenance because our staff clearly sees the connection between the machines running and the numbers, continues Lars-Erik Larsson.

Mastec has selected to visualize a lot of information as part of their improvement work.

– I have worked with AXXOS OEE before and knew what can be achieved with a good follow-up. I had positive experiences of the system and of AXXOS as a supplier. Since AXXOS is also the leading supplier of OEE-systems the selection of supplier was quite simple, Lars-Erik Larsson finishes.

Briefly about Mastec AB

Mastec AB is a privately owned industrial group with several plants in southern Sweden and in China. Mastec acts as subcontractors to large industrial projects. From concept and product development to mass production and assembly. Mastec offers metal and plastic cutting, advanced welding and sheet metal forming, as well as surface treatment and plastic injection moulding.

More about Mastec AB


AXXOS Industrial Systems
Mats Elmwall
Marketing Director
+46 722 23 82 13

Mastec Components AB
Lars-Erik Larsson
Site Manager
Dir. +46 10 218 18 14
Tel. +46 10 218 10 00

AXXOS has supplied systems for production monitoring, AXXOS OEE for almost 20 years. We help our customers improve their production by combining our experience in OEE systems, LEAN training and improvement coaching.

AXXOS OEE measures important KPI’s like OEE values (TAK-values), set-up times and cycle times.

AXXOS Visualize makes it easy to display the current production situation in real time.

With the help of AXXOS Analyze it is quick and easy to analyze collected data to see the potential for improvement in operations.


Visualize och optimize your production with AXXOS OEE!

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