GKN Aerospace in Trollhättan installs AXXOS OEE to increase productivity

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AXXOS Industrial Systems AB has signed an agreement with GKN Aerospace in Trollhättan (previously Volvo Aero), regarding the implementation of the production monitoring system, AXXOS OEE. The first phase of the agreement, based on a framework agreement between AXXOS and GKN Aerospace Engine Systems, involves installing AXXOS OEE on more than 100 machines.

GKN Aerospace will monitor and visualize the production status in real-time on TV screens. Included in the deal is the interactive tool, AXXOS Analyze, that, in a few seconds, generates support decisions based on the collected production data. The production monitoring system will be integrated with SAP for order tracking.

The motivation behind the investment in AXXOS OEE is the need to increase machine utilization and efficiency of the overall plant.

“We want to obtain a clear picture of where we have our bottlenecks and ensure that we have stable and reliable processes in the plant,” explains Tomas Lindsta, Manager Operations Production, GKN Aerospace Trollhättan.

“We want to create long, uninterrupted blocks of production and preferably run unmanned so we can use the staff on other value-adding tasks and bring down our cost-per-hour. AXXOS OEE will be an important tool in the work to get there,” continues Tomas Lindsta.

Tomas Lindsta, GKN Aerospace and Johan Junvik, AXXOS

GKN Aerospace compared three systems and ran a pilot with two of them in the factory in Trollhättan; choosing AXXOS OEE after a successful pilot.

“We quickly noticed that AXXOS OEE could be adapted and tailored to the users. The system has a good interface that could be set up so it is easy to use for our operators.

At the same time, it is easy to generate the decision support requested by improvement coordinators and leaders of daily management. Of the systems we looked at, we thought AXXOS OEE was clearly the best and it was sufficient with a short pilot to come to a decision,” concludes Tomas Lindsta.

The production of advanced engine components for civil aircraft engines

GKN Aerospace is part of GKN Sweden Group, a global company with 55,000 employees and operations in more than 30 countries.

The plant in Trollhättan is the headquarters of GKN Aerospace Engine Systems that works with advanced components for aircraft engines and employs approximately 2,000 people.

“I am very happy and proud that one of the largest, and perhaps one of the most modern factories in Sweden, are choosing us as their supplier they want to improve their productivity,” says Johan Junvik, Global Key Account Manager at AXXOS and who was responsible for the agreement.

“Our delivery team did a fantastic job, with just a few weeks notice, to successfully deploy a rather comprehensive pilot installation. Despite the time pressure, everything went very well and with the pilot up and running it only took a few weeks for GKN to make their decision. It will be quite interesting to continue working with GKN in order to help them find all the hidden potential within their production.

With a solid basis for descision making GKN will be able toincrease productivity and become more competitive, which is important for the future of the factory in Trollhättan,” concludes Johan Junvik.

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