GKN Driveline in Köping Wins AXXOS 2014 Productivity Award

30 Oct 2014 Tags: There are no tags 0 comments

During AXXOS 2014 User Forum Roger Eriksson, improvement manager at GKN Driveline in Köping, received the award for the year’s best productivity improvement when the AXXOS 2014 Productivity Award was distributed. In addition to this honor, GKN got a certificate and a gift voucher of 10,000 SEK.

In the factory in Köping they manufacture All Wheel-Drive systems, with clients such as Volvo, Jaguar Land Rover and BMW. Today, GKN Driveline in Köping has about 800 employees and in 2012 generated sales of about 2.4 billion SEK. Today AXXOS OEE is installed on more than 110 machines in the factory.

The jury’s reasoning:

GKN Driveline in Köping has shown what the fruit of an evidence-based and patient improvement can lead to. Through the years there have been great improvements in OEE value and just in the last 18 months, OEE value has increased by about 10 percentage points on average, on over 100 connected machines, for an OEE value that today is around 77%, which is world class in the metal industry.

OEE improvement means that about 50,000 operating hours are made available annually, which in money is multi-million amounts.

Today it is a matter of course for all employees to measure and work with continuous improvements. Facts from AXXOS OEE are used in many functions of daily management and how things are going in the factory in real-time is displayed on television screens using AXXOS Visualize.

The importance of an enthusiast in the success of continuous improvement is often stated and at GKN this enthusiast is personified in the form of Roger Eriksson, who for many years and with great commitment contributed greatly to a fantastic result.