Johan Junvik på ett av Axxos seminarium

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Our seminars will contain a mixture of demonstration of AXXOS OEE and tips of how you with even small means can increase the productivity using AXXOS products.


Webinar AXXOS OEE Nov 15th 10:00 am (CET)

During 45 minutes we will show you how you can measure, visualize and increase your productivity. Currently AXXOS OEE is used in over 200 factories in Sweden to measure downtimes, downtime causes,  speed losses and key performance indicators like OEE-value. The system also has functions for order monitoring with the ability to view the order status in real time. Often AXXOS OEE is integrated with the customers MPS/ERP-system.


Webinar AXXOS Analyze Nov 15th 11:00 am (CET)

During 30 minutes we will show you how you can use AXXOS Analyze to efficiently analyze your production data collected from AXXOS OEE. AXXOS Analyze is a dynamic tool where all graphs are clickable and filtering of data from one year to one hour takes only a second. This analysis tool also complements traditional printed reports with its flexibility. Some advantages with AXXOS Analyze is that users save a lot of time in their analytical work and can compare several key performance indicators  simultaneously in clear graphs and tables. In an easy way, a user can see how a single event is affecting multiple KPIs.


We will present

  • The basics of the system
  • Technical solution
  • Opportunities to visualize and analyze data
  • The installation procedure
  • AXXOS other services and training for improvement


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