Mastec Group invests in AXXOS OEE for several plants

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Mastec has chosen to invest in AXXOS OEE to obtain good decision support for improvements and to increase the efficiency of their production.

The deal is a framework agreement covering the whole Mastec group with units in Sweden and China.

The system is currently deployed at three factories in southern Sweden and additional installations are planned. Through a central installation of AXXOS, the production status and machine utilization in the factories can be monitored in real time at a global level.

– Mastec has chosen to install AXXOS on a joint database to reach an overall solution that facilitates the integration and reduces implementation time when installing AXXOS at other plants. Thereby making the solution cost effective both from an IT- and a deployment perspective, says Jonas Johansson CIO Mastec AB.

I came to Mastec Components in Ulricehamn in the autumn of 2013. At that time it was difficult to obtain relevant indicators on how well we used our machine park. We decided that we had to start measuring to find out how we used our resources, says Lars-Erik Larsson, Site Manager, Mastec Components Ulricehamn.

Mastec decided first to install AXXOS OEE at the plant in Ulricehamn. Group management quickly saw positive results and the potential of investing in standardized production monitoring. Therefore a decision was quickly taken to introduce the system throughout the Group.

– We want our customers to win their race against their competitors so we have to be able to contribute something that enables this. Therefore, we always strive to become a little better – simply the best! AXXOS OEE is an important tool for us in our improvement work, says Per Selskog, Chief Marketing Officer, Mastec AB.

– We run this project with care and started early to involve the staff. Our organization is allowed to mature as we measure more and more of our production. We emphasize that we are measuring machines and not people.It has led to a good acceptance of the system among our employees, continues Lars-Erik Larsson.

With the help of AXXOS OEE Mastec now has a clear view of how well they are using their machines. Information that already a short time after the installation has led to improvements.

– With AXXOS OEE we also have a completely different focus on operator maintenance because our staff clearly sees the connection between the machines running and the numbers, continues Lars-Erik Larsson.

Mastec has selected to visualize a lot of information as part of their improvement work.

– I have worked with AXXOS OEE before and knew what can be achieved with a good follow-up. I had positive experiences of the system and of AXXOS as a supplier. Since AXXOS is also the leading supplier of OEE-systems the selection of supplier was quite simple, Lars-Erik Larsson finishes.

Briefly about Mastec AB

Mastec AB is a privately owned industrial group with several plants in southern Sweden and in China. Mastec acts as subcontractors to large industrial projects. From concept and product development to mass production and assembly. Mastec offers metal and plastic cutting, advanced welding and sheet metal forming, as well as surface treatment and plastic injection moulding.

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