Moelven standardizes on AXXOS OEE for production monitoring

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AXXOS Industrial Systems and Moelven has signed a frame agreement for the production monitoring system AXXOS OEE. The agreement includes the divisions, Moelven Timber and Moelven Wood with a total of 30 plants in Norway and Sweden.

Moelven conducts active improvement work where small improvements can be worth large amounts for the individual plants. An important part of this work is to introduce a uniform measurement of OEE values and downtimes within the Group.

With AXXOS OEE Moelven gets a detailed picture of where the biggest challenges are in each individual plant. At the same time the overview of the OEE values gives the Company and the Group a good basis for investments and production control. They can, for example, easily see which products achieve maximum efficiency in the various facilities.


Lage Lervold, Project Engineer Division Timber Moelven Industries ASA

The production capacity per time unit increases steadily thanks to the active improvement work that has been conducted over several years. The decision to focus on OEE measurement within the Group is part of the process. Although we have only used AXXOS OEE for a short time the introduction of this system is one of the important steps that will enable us to achieve our goals, says Lage Lervold, Project engineer Division Timber, Moelven Industries ASA.

Moelven has experience in down time monitoring and has worked with several different solutions within the Group. After taking the decision to invest in a common system for OEE measurement, an evaluation of several suppliers were made and they chose AXXOS OEE.

The agreement covers a total of 30 plants in the divisions Moelven Timber and Moelven Wood. The 10 first installations are scheduled and 6 plants are already in operation.

We have 30 different factories and maybe 100 different control systems. We have chosen to connect AXXOS OEE to our machines via the standard PLC solution that AXXOS offers. It is quick and we have full control of the process. Something that would have been difficult if we had been dependent on signals from all our control systems. With AXXOS OEE we get a standard way to measure OEE and a common definition of what constitutes a stop and the stop causes that apply. It allows us to compare and make a detailed and comprehensive analysis of both the company and the Group, continues Lage Lervold.

AXXOS OEE has been developed over nearly 20 years in collaboration with clients in all sectors of the manufacturing industry. Thanks to a well-developed basic functionality and an ability to meet specific customer requirements in various applications AXXOS OEE is well suited for Moelven’s operations.

Johan Junvik

Johan Junvik, Key Account Manager AXXOS Industrial Systems

There are not that many OEE systems that works well with sawmills and the special conditions that exist there. E.g. it is critical to take into account the length of the timber being cut. AXXOS OEE handles these issues in a good way, says Johan Junvik, Key Account Manager at AXXOS and responsible for the deal with Moelven.

By installing AXXOS OEE on a shared server for the Group Moelven gets a seamless and cost effective deployment and a low overall IT cost for the system, says Johan Junvik.

AXXOS is Scandinavia’s largest supplier of OEE systems and has more than 250 customers in 20 countries.

We feel secure in choosing AXXOS as a supplier because it is a stable company with a lot of resources. It is important that they are present on the international market. AXXOS were also able to show excellent references in the wood- and timber industry, says Lage Lervold.

AXXOS has considerable experience and showed great expertise in OEE measurement. We value that AXXOS is not only a system supplier but are also working with education and services in improvement work. We have an internal program for training and developing improvement work, and we value that AXXOS can be a partner in this work in the future, says Lage Lervold finally.

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Moelven is a Scandinavian industrial group that manufactures building materials and systems for the construction industry. Moelven has production in 50 locations and employs 3400 people. Moelven sawmills are organized in two divisions; Timber & Wood. Learn more about Moelven

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AXXOS has supplied systems for production monitoring, AXXOS OEE for almost 20 years. We help our customers improve their production by combining our experience in OEE systems, LEAN training and improvement coaching.

AXXOS OEE measures important KPI’s like OEE values (TAK-values), set-up times and cycle times. AXXOS Visualize makes it easy to display the current production situation in real time. With the help of AXXOS Analyze it is quick and easy to analyze collected data to see the potential for improvement in operations.