Prysmian Group Installs AXXOS OEE in Sweden, Norway and Finland

31 Oct 2014 Tags: There are no tags 0 comments

Prysmian Group has chosen to install AXXOS OEE on about 70 production lines in Sweden (Nässjö), Norway (Oslo) and Finland (Pikalla).

The delivery also includes the optional AXXOS Analyze add-on to quickly and easily analyze the collected production statistics from AXXOS OEE.

“AXXOS OEE is an established and complete system that met our needs. That AXXOS had customers in large parts of northern Europe from before, and that the system already existed in 10 or so languages was a big plus,” says Production Manager (in Nässjö) Fredrik Johansson, who sat with the project team that procured the system.

Fredrik goes on to describe the situation in the Nässjö factory before AXXOS came into the picture, where they used an Excel spreadsheet to monitor production.

Before, our experience was that monitoring of production was very time-consuming and the analysis part of our work was limited and difficult to perform. That led us to not bother to analyze the recorded data and simply not do any direct monitoring of production.

With AXXOS OEE, we have a modern OEE system to meet our deadlines and it meets all the needs we have. Another advantage of this system is the ease of use and that the operator can easily and quickly encode a stop cause without losing focus on the value-creating processes.

Today we can easily provide feedback to operators and they can get faster feedback on the production situation through AXXOS OEE. We can now see in real-time where and when a problem occur on the lines,” says Fredrik.

In conjunction with the installation of AXXOS Analyze, AXXOS OEE was also chosen to install to more easily analyze production data.

AXXOS Analyze is a fast and user-friendly system that gives us all the information we need with a few simple clicks. The system has many uses, including for root cause analyses which we are currently using.

It is quite simple and easy to tunnel down to the smallest detail to see what is behind our stop,” concludes Fredrik Johansson, who likes AXXOS Analyze intensely!

Draka cable in Nässjö operates under Prysmian Group and has approximately 150 employees. In the Nässjö factory both low and medium voltage power cables are manufactured. Work with AXXOS OEE and downtime monitoring in production has just started and the production manager Fredrik Johansson looks forward to following the journey of improvement that is now before them.