Installation and Commissioning

We put an end to your problems and give you more opportunity to develop your business with the help of AXXOS OEE.

1. Pilot study

For an installation, AXXOS always performs a feasibility study with you. The purpose of a feasibility study is to map out the prerequisites for the introduction of AXXOS OEE.

An important part is that we go through your desires and needs together. This includes which key indicators will be measured, the machine signals needed, what is required by the server and clients for AXXOS OEE, etc., as well as the development of a project schedule.

2. Installation and Configuration

There are two possible installation choices, either through a server with you or via AXXOS cloud service.


For a communication interface between the machines and AXXOS OEE a PLC is often used.

For the electrical installation for collection of machine signals AXXOS assists with the wiring instructions and consultation as needed.

In the event that you need help to get the desired signals out, AXXOS experienced technicians can help you with this. The installation of software is usually done by AXXOS technicians in close consultation with your IT department or IT manager.

The basic configuration is normally set up together before and during the administrator’s training.

3. Education

When the system is in operation, we carry out training at your premises.

  • Administrator Training
  • Operator Training
  • Report Training
  • Monitoring Training

For your first installation, we recommend that all training elements be implemented. When expanding an existing installation, we can offer an arrangement that includes a subset of training courses based on the knowledge that already exists in your current system.

Installation FAQ

Is it possible to run SQL Express with AXXOS OEE?

Yes, it works great.

Is it possible to run AXXOS OEE on virtual machines?

Yes, it is possible to run AXXOS OEE on your virtual machines.

How long does it take to install AXXOS OEE?

On average, it takes between 6-10 weeks from the time the customer places an order until the system is in full operation. AXXOS promises to implement their responsibilities within five weeks after the customer’s commitments are made. AXXOS’ commitments include among other things, the installation of software, configuration of signals and alarms, training of operators and administrators.