SNA Europe received AXXOS Productivity Award 2017

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During AXXOS User Days 2017, SNA Europe (Industries), Bollnäs received the award for the best productivity improvement of the year.

Reason for award

SNA Europe has been working systematically for six years to create a long-term competitive manufacturing of hand saws and garden saws. A brand new and improved product range has been introduced to reduce production costs. This has led to major layout changes in the factory, which in turn has led to new process flows. During the process, data from AXXOS OEE was used as a basis for layout changes, process flow changes, and major machine investments.

Through careful follow-up of production before, during and after implemented change projects, SNA Europe has demonstrated the value of having access to the right information in decision making and implementation of major investments, and, not least, demonstrated the importance of being able to follow-up and ensure that the results correspond to expectations.

Thanks to continuous follow-up with AXXOS OEE and a well-functioning improvement strategy, SNA Europe succeeded in maintaining steady productivity despite major rebuilding projects.

“We have initiated a comprehensive improvement strategy. AXXOS OEE is a big part of the reason it has been so successful”, says Annelie Laitila, Production Manager, SNA Europe.

Throughout the project, SNA Europe has measured OEE in the factory lines and carefully followed up its key machines. The focus has been on addressing the largest disturbances and continually improving and optimizing the work flows.

“A task that had been very difficult without follow-up with AXXOS OEE”, says Stefan Halvarsson, Project Manager, SNA Europe, and continues “Thanks to AXXOS OEE, we have always had the facts to base our decisions on.”

About SNA Europe

SNA Europe (Industries) AB is a leading European hand tools manufacturer in the Snap-on Group, a global tool and equipment supplier. SNA Europe (Industries) AB, Bollnäs manufactures more than 4 million hand saws marketed under the brand Bacho.

AXXOS has delivered AXXOS OEE, a system for production monitoring, for almost 20 years. We help our customers to streamline their production by packing our experience in OEE systems, LEAN training and coaching in improvement work. AXXOS is part of API-AXXOS, that supplies software for reliable and efficient production to 900 customers in 50 countries.

AXXOS OEE measures key figures, such as OEE value, set-up times and cycle times. AXXOS Visualize makes it easy to present the current production mode in real-time. Using AXXOS Analyze, is quick and easy to analyze collected information to see the improvement potential of the business.