Kalibrering med Axxos Calibration

Easier calibration of measurement devices with AXXOS Calibration

With AXXOS calibration you get a complete program that provides easy management and registration of your measurement devices. With integrated registries and functions, the calibration and management of your measurement devices is significantly simpler and more efficient.

AXXOS Calibration includes registries for measurement devices, suppliers, users, organizational units and calibration suppliers, etc. The information is integrated into case management as calibration, lending and servicing. It is now possible to get full control over your measurement devices with less work.

The result is a complete system for calibration, lending and service that quickly builds up and is quickly ready to use. Also included is an efficient search tool, report generator and more.

AXXOS Calibration is developed to meet a variety of international standards: ISO 9001, ISO 10012, EN 46001 and EN 45001.

Calibration keeps track of your measuring instruments

AXXOS Calibration is well suited for companies that handle more than 500 measuring instruments or gauges. The system has a modern architecture and it is possible to add a large number of users. The system is also suitable for companies that are scattered in many locations.

It is also possible to add an unlimited number measuring instruments in the system. When the system is running over the Internet, it is convenient to provide calibration and service providers limited access to the system to report calibration data, etc.

Kalibrering med Axxos Calibration

When it’s time for your device to be calibrated a call for the device is automatically sent to the correct person.

Functions in AXXOS Calibration

See below which functions are included in an AXXOS Calibration installation.

Case management
  • Calibration
  • Lending
  • Service
  • History
  • Statistics
General functions
  • Automatic calling via E-mail
  • Use via Internet
  • Unlimited number of simultaneous users
  • Powerful language support (choice at login)
  • Global editing
  • User permission system
  • Search tool
  • Reports
  • Classification of instruments for easier handling
  • Registry of organizational units
  • Registry of suppliers
  • Registry of instruments
Common questions about calibration

What is the cost based on?

The cost of AXXOS Calibration depends on the number of devices and the number of simultaneous users in the system.

Can we get a reminder when a device has not been returned to the department?

Yes, it is possible to get reminders. You can set the time when a reminder is sent out for a measuring device that has not been returned.

Is it possible to link external documents to the system?

Yes, it is possible to link documents to a specific measuring device, calibration procedure, or service case.

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