Record order for AXXOS – Volvo Cars installs AXXOS OEE in new XC90 factory

AXXOS Industrial Systems signed an agreement with Volvo Cars (Volvo) for the implementation of the production monitoring system AXXOS OEE, in Volvo’s new production facility located in Torslanda, Sweden. The agreement includes networked production monitoring with about 400 production units and is AXXOS single largest order to date.

Volvo selected AXXOS OEE after careful evaluation of seven competing systems and after a successful pilot installation within a focused area of the factory.

”Compared to the other systems we reviewed, AXXOS OEE offers a more complete solution for our requirements of built-in functionality that gives us “best practice”. We want to spend our time on improvements within our production, not specifying and developing IT solutions”, says Agron Basha, Business Project Leader, VOLVO CAR CORPORATION.

”AXXOS OEE will show us in black and white where we have problems and identify what they are, this in turn will help us set priorities. We will be able to collect data to facilitate decision making on which direction to work towards and where we get the most out of our investment”, continues Agron Basha.

The top modern factory in Torslanda manufactures the new XC90 model.

“The new XC90 is a market success and Volvo is using almost all available time to manufacture cars. AXXOS OEE will become an important tool in Volvo’s improvement strategy and will be able to identify, and map bottlenecks early”, says Johan Junvik, Key Account Manager, AXXOS Industrial Systems.

The agreement includes AXXOS OEE and AXXOS Analyze that makes it quick and easy to analyze collected information in order to identify improvement potentials within the organization. AXXOS OEE Mobile allow Volvo’s employees access to the production monitoring system directly on their mobile phones or tablets.

Pilot Installation


The evaluation of the pilot installation, within a focused area of the factory, gave the results Volvo had hoped for. The roll-out of the system to additional production units has begun. Below you will see a selection of the comments received through an evaluation conducted after the pilot installation.

  • User-friendly
  • Great flexibility, easy to customize.
  • Good support to make root cause analysis
  • Gives a good overview of what is happening in the factory
  • A complete and well-developed system
  • In AXXOS OEE you can easily determine if an operator/station is on track.
  • You can see the OEE value in real time.

Furthermore, AXXOS is well-versed in how to implement continuous improvement strategies. On top of that AXXOS provides good customer interaction through the User Days and Advisory Board events.

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About AXXOS Industrial Systems
AXXOS  has delivered systems for production monitoring, AXXOS OEE for almost 20 years. We help our customers streamline their production by packaging our experience in OEE-systems, LEAN-training and coaching in improvement. AXXOS is part of API Group, supplying software for reliable and efficient production to 900 customers in 50 countries.

AXXOS OEE measures important KPI’s like the OEE value, set-up times, cycle times etc. AXXOS Visualize makes it easy to show the current production situation in real time. With the help of AXXOS Analyze it is quick and easy to analyze collected data to see the potential for improvement in operations. AXXOS is part of API Group.